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Ready to rock your face!

About us.....

We love what we do, it's all about the tunes, no gimmicks, backing tracks or auto-tune shit - just four old dudes sharing our passion for Rock'n'Roll - not just another average thrown together covers band!


With a raw-edgy tone, crunching guitars and raspy vocals, our contemporary punchy indie rock sound pumps out high-energy chart-topping tunes! 


With an eclectic set list, we cover anything that works, from the sixties to yesterday, from the Stones to the Stereophonics!


Gig time will guarantee a tsunami of floor filling anthems, rammed with the old favourites, as well as musical gems you probably wouldn't expect. We do enjoy experimenting and injecting a little Junkie magic in to the odd pop song!


Get yourself down to the next Junkies gig for some ear drum rattling action, a real band rocking out top tunes, hopefully you will enjoy the experience as much as we do!

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