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Growing up with a burning desire to emulate his musical heroes, Paul has been rocking in bands since the tender age of 15. With vocals as smooth as broken glass and guitar playing as slick as himself! He eats, sleeps, breathes music and just wants to share his passion with others......'AVE IT!



The lead axe-man, cool as ice with face-melting power chords and slick riffs.

Shaun lives in constant fear of spontaneous combustion as his fingers glide across that fretboard like lightning. His many years of experience and musicianship place the icing on top of the bands great sound!



Rumour has it, he is actually  Keith Moon reincarnated.  With drumming as tight as his wallet, he never misses a beat. Our Rob is no drum tickler and fully appreciates that his kit needs a good solid beating! His precision simply cements and keeps the Junkies powerful rhythm section firmly in place





Constantly pushing 9.5 on the richter scale, Gaz's thundering Bass really drives the tunes and lays down the bands

solid backline. You don't need facebook to tell you when the Junkies have landed as the rumblings of his Bass can be felt

within a 50 mile radius of his amplifier!

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